“Grato Greenhouse” covers over 10 000 square meters and is outfitted with Hi-Tech equipment.

We use drip-irrigation and overhead watering systems, which provide best growing results for the plants.

To establish best humidity and air circulation levels, the automated window program is used. Energy efficient blinds create “cloudy day effect” to shield plants in the greenhouse from scorching sun rays.

Automatic heating system is operated by computer program and a central boiler. They assure proper air and soil temperature regulation and automatic management of different climate regimes, which create ideal growth conditions needed for the plants.

The proper combination of these systems allows us to have a successful computerized management of the greenhouse.

The “Grato Greenhouse” is divided into three climate zones: tropical zone with the temperature ranging from 18°C to 25°C. This area houses so called “interior or decorative” houseplants.

Second zone with cooler temperature range houses annuals, by-annuals and perennials widely used in landscaping.

Third zone with strictly regulated temperature and humidity levels is a special area dedicated to the seedling growing and maturation. 



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